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From the album Past2Years
Lyrics by Matt Pomerenke
Music by Revelaria

Steadily walking down the beach to a place I've never been
Picking up pace, now I feel it closing in
The prints in the sand, they must me my own
How'd they get in front of me, I just don't know

Seems I look too hard for the answer
When all I need to find is a simple rock
Well the haze of the day has clouded my mind
Seems my horizon is blocked

And all I want to do is go home with you

Like a hurt dog I stare through the window
Begging for attention and so much more
Wonder when you're going to let me into you heart
When you gonna know we should not be apart


Everyday seems not to be far away
All the stars are falling into place
Your crystal blue eyes stare back at me
Think I found the love of a century

Now I know who's footprints were in the sand
Just a little ahead of me, now I'm beginning to understand

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