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From the album Music Never Dies E.P.
Lyrics by Josh Pomerenke
Music by Revelaria

I'm tired, I'm broken
Lost somewhere in space
Hung out there left to dry
And I can't seem to save face

Weary and wandering
Why I don't know this place
Worn out path from my two feet
From the constant walking pace

And it's mind traveling
When you can not see the road
Out of body floating when you're
Feeling overload
A migraine, oh how it hurts
Your head's about to explode
Drill a hole into your ear
And it will seep out on its own

I thought to think and I try to blink
My eyes, they are open wide
I want to speak and I want to breathe
Feel drowned by the higher tide

The sun sets on my happy days
The rain it never hides
Ready to walk and to take a step
If I hadn't lost my stride


What can I see, my eyes are tightly shut
A sleepwalker roaming, not a thing to fear
Two white coats accompany me `cause I'm a nut
Stuck in this situation year after year


Year after year
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