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Typical Work Week
From the album Music Never Dies E.P.
Lyrics by Josh Pomerenke
Music by Revelaria

Monday comes, Tuesday goes
Wednesday's same, Thursday blows
Friday's here, it's time my dear
To relax your mind, come drink a beer

Five days still remain
Wake up monday morning it's all the same
Another beginning to an endless job
Wish you had the courage to finally stop

Turn the news on and it's raining now
The start of the week comes with gray clouds
You reach for an umbrella, but it's not there
You must have lost it, but you don't know where


It's the middle of the week
Still climbing down but it looks so steep
Same old everyday routine
The day's done with a sigh of relief

The day before the weekend
Drags on worse than the ones before
The body works, but the mind is sleeping
When friday comes your feet will hit the floor


It's friday now, and you're waiting for the day to end
The night falls down, when you arrive the party begins
The weekend has finally arrived
Live it up while you feel so high
Don't look at a clock it's a waste of time
Ride to a level, it's your time to shine

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