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From the album Built to Last
Lyrics by Paul Jones
Music by Revelaria

Walk down the hall, turn to the right
I am there most of the time
Staring out the window at the children playing
Outside my life

And I want someone to help me, to take care of myself
And I want to look deep into someone else's eyes
Please give me something that resembles human touch
Please let me know that you can see that I'm alive

Sometimes that seems to be my life's theme
I deal with this every day
Living this hell I scream to myself
Driving the demons away

Hit me, kick me, say that you hate me
Hurt me, don't desert me, desecrate me

Go ahead, take what you want, as long as it's from me
Punish me, torture me, so long as you do not run from me
Take my life, take my soul, prove to me that I had them at all

'Cause I want someone to teach me
To toughen up my knees
And I want someone to reach me
To do with what they please
Please show me there's someone who's willing to use me
Please for once in my life would somebody choose me
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