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Feel the Power
From the album Built to Last
Lyrics by Paul Jones
Music by Revelaria

Romance, full moon desire by the fire
Long glance into my eyes
This dance goes on and on I'll never tire
No chance, and in your sighs I hear

You gotta feel it, heavy breathing, writhing, screaming
You wanna feel it, beneath me
You won't believe it, never gonna wanna leave it
You feel the power, set you free

You love me, you squeeze me so easy
And you tell me to take it slow
But when you tell me to use you to please me
Then I know, yes I know that

Love shot, rim rock the sweet spot
How do you do it, baby?
It feels so right
No fling, gold ring, the whole thing
I get the real thing every night

And you tell me, yes you know it's time to go
And you show me what's on your mind
And when your body is coming under my control
Then you say it, I can hear you say it to me
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