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From the album Built to Last
Lyrics by Rick Chapman, Matt Pomerenke, DJ Gibson
Music by Revelaria

Something told me when I was still young
But I stayed in my place, I didn't see anyone
Came to question myself, that was no way to live
So sure of nothing I just take what they give

But you saw someone else
Living life so desperately
Slowly drowned and needing help
Will you be the one to save me?

Looking ahead to find my dreams
Not sure what they are, but they stay with me
Should I look forward to my future's past?
When you ain't got tomorrow, you gotta make today last

I looked into a million faces today
They all seem different, oh, yet they seem the same
I travel 'round the world just to find my place
At every turn they just laugh and then they push me away
Been down, been out, living on the streets
Not a damn thing in my wallet, but a bunch of broken dreams

Time tells me that there's no end
I don't know where I'll end up again
Walking through my twisted little paths
Only to find that nothing else lasts
Keep my secrets with my coins and my keys
Go where they tell me to and then I turn and leave
Nothing that you can say will change what I think
No feelings lost while I'm wandering
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