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Along the Way
From the album 2000 Demo E.P.
Lyrics by Rick Chapman
Music by Revelaria

I wanted to let you know that
Well, this happens to everyone
So don't be afraid, you're not alone
Yeah, it happens to everyone

Why don't you look away
Tell me, why you don't look away

Your friends can see that you can't let go
Well, it happened so suddenly
With dreams, desires confront the liars
Yeah, it happened so suddenly

They say you won't look away
They ask me why you don't look away

And even you know your way can be found
That's just the way it ought to be
Sat around first you forgive yourself
Much better than you thought it'd be

Your lifeline's long, you've got a lot to say
So take the time along the way
With me right here, I know you will be strong
Your day will come along the way

Well, I know you'll look away
One day you will look away
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