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Radio Links
FNX Radio - 101.7
Boston, MA / 877.FNX.RADIO

New England Product, Sundays 8:30PM - 10PM. Go to this page and fill out the form at the bottom of the page to tell Chris Rucker you'd like to hear Revelaria.
PLR - WPLR 99.1
Milford, CT / 877.R.NICKEL

Listen at 10:00 PM on Sunday nights and call for requests. Stream available over the internet at their website.
WCNI 90.9 - Connecicut College
New London, CT / 860.439.2850

WHUS 91.7 - University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT / 860.429.9487

WWUH 91.3 - University of Hartford
Hartford, CT / 860.768.4701

Band Links
Amnesty Underground
Bi Janus
Grey Cell Green
Mighty Purple
The Brightwings
Club Links
CBGB - map
Webster Theatre - map
Web Links
Conncept - A Connecticut Music Collective
Ultimate Band List
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