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I remember you by Kat / Tuesday September 16, 2003 / 1:37 AM
yes, as you can see from the subject matter, I am eagerly awaiting the skid row show. but not to see them mind's been ages since I've seen revelaria rawk out. *lucky me to run into rick and josh at the brown derby....woohoo, drinking rules.* I still have the old school stickers from you guys on my mirror. and I want the new album. and the red-headed sluts *yummy shots, with yummy band, I mean excellent band.* :) Ok I'm done babbling. See you guys soon!

"what's with today, today?"

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  Lucas by Doc / Tuesday September 16, 2003 / 10:51 AM
  :) by kat / Tuesday September 16, 2003 / 3:33 PM
  Slater by Doc / Wednesday September 17, 2003 / 1:52 PM
  rory by Kat / Saturday September 20, 2003 / 12:33 PM
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