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hey by meesh / Saturday September 23, 2006 / 11:02 AM
hey guys it's been quite a while, just wanted to say hi and catch up a little. my hubby and i moved to south carolina and we're expecting out first child in march. everything other that has been good too.....let me know when you guys get back together to do a new cd.....looking forward to it. miss ya & love ya'll still
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Missing Joe by Rob / Tuesday September 5, 2006 / 11:26 AM
What happened tp Missing Joe. Their website isn't working and their not playing any shows that I know of.
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  Three of the four members are now in The Brightwings. by Rick / Wednesday September 6, 2006 / 1:30 PM
still alive?? by Nik / Monday November 22, 2004 / 10:24 PM
been awhile. hit me up if you guys want to come to the mid-atlantic.
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yea! by j / Friday June 11, 2004 / 12:01 PM
saw you guys at NFA... you guys rock, and the cd's excellent. can't wait for the new one!
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Saw you at NFA...good stuff by Kelsey / Sunday June 6, 2004 / 8:38 PM
Hey hey...just wanted to say I really enjoyed the show last night. My friend Meghan recommended you guys so I stopped walking and sat down and was awesome. Got your cd...LOVE Drive by the way...good stuff. Hopefully see you at other shows!!!
PS-That was me last night who yelled out...don't know if you remember...and then my friend Dave and I were the ones telling you to play one more song. Awesome stuff.
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POGO LOUNGE by Lori / Thursday May 20, 2004 / 11:33 PM
Just a note to say that Josh is a great addition to the band. Enjoyed your set. See you at NFA.
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  agree... by Anonymous / Friday May 21, 2004 / 11:54 AM
  darkness by Tom / Monday May 24, 2004 / 3:01 PM
  LOL! From what I understand, he's a hell of a softball player, too. by Rick / Tuesday May 25, 2004 / 10:18 AM
private chuckwagon!! by str8outtamontville / Wednesday March 10, 2004 / 11:25 AM
Rick and DJ -- how 'bout a Private Chuckwagon reunion!!?? Long live Dr. Gimpy and the Funkmaster!!!!!
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  Anything's possible, I guess. :) by Rick / Tuesday April 20, 2004 / 11:39 AM
New Gig Possibility by Alanna / Tuesday March 2, 2004 / 12:52 PM
Hey Guys! I saw this flyer at The Webster and thought it might be a good way to get more exposure.....

<Always wanted to play at the Webster??? Well here is your chance!!! Webster Underground Advocates 2nd Best Open Mic Night in Hartford. First Tuesday every month @ 8PM. Free admission, Full Back-line & PA. All genres of music are welcome. If you're 21 or older come on down and be ready to play at Hartford's Premier Rock Club!!!!

I realize the 21 and older thing might be tricky but it wouldn't hurt to look into this further and try to work around it!
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  the middle of my first post was cut out?! by Alanna / Tuesday March 2, 2004 / 1:00 PM
  Yeah, that's really weird that your post got cut like that, but it seems OK now? by Rick / Wednesday March 3, 2004 / 10:59 AM
Alanna's Birthday!!!!! by Alanna / Monday February 23, 2004 / 1:38 PM
Thanks to all who came to my porno/housewarming party. There is more mischief brewing. Anyone who is free and up for a good time, please come to the Brickyard Friday February 27th between 9:30 and 10:00pm to celebrate my 23rd birthday. Contact myself or Tom if you need more info! I expect as many of you all from the band and the band fanbase to be there as possible!!!!!

Don't forget to come to Revelaria's next Gig on March 4th to ROCK OUT with the band at the Webster Theatre!!!! Don't try to pretend you have something better to do that Thursday, get your asses out to this show!!!!!

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2 years by Jared / Tuesday February 3, 2004 / 12:56 PM
Hey guys your most recent album is a step in the right direction, although I loved built to last this album shows a greater maturity. Keep on rockin' hope to catch you guys soon!!
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  wow by jared / Friday February 6, 2004 / 12:01 PM
Promoting the band by Kristen / Saturday January 17, 2004 / 5:11 PM
Hi Everyone!

I have been in contact with a music producer from New York for months now and the band and I have discussed their interest in pursuing their music career. Obviously it is a slow going process to really stimulate action from such busy people, but THE WAY TO CREATE INTEREST IS TO STIMULATE THEIR SENSES.

Fans, we need all of your support at every show Revelaria plays.


We need lots of people at every show, so make sure to invite all of your friends and the strangers on the street to every show!!

We need tons of people to join the band for Red-Headed Sluts shots after their stage appearances.

We need you all to wear bumber stickers (Alanna chooses to use them as a bikini over her clothes, but you could put one on your car too!)

We need people to wear the T-shirts and other merchandise (music note garter belts coming soon!), particularly at the shows.

We have a SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM where the band, friends, family, and fans can become involved with promoting the band by donating $1 or more each week to the Revelaria bank account for equipment, advertising the shows, professional press kits, getting high quality CDs made, finishing the sound studio, etc. Anyone interested may contact Rick at Revelaria Productions at 376-3415 or approach your favorite band member to offer your sponsorship. (Of course the band members feel awkward about asking their friends, family, and fans for donations, so I took the initiative to let you know this is a way to
help the band become a household name.)

With sponsorship donations and the band participating with donations, we can raise over $3000 each year not including merch sales and gigs. That money will pay part of the cost for promoting the band and they need to keep the band active, which takes money.

To everyone that does sponsor a band member, your $1+
donation each week and your support at the shows is greatly appreciated. THE BAND IS STILL PLAYING AFTER ALL THESE YEARS BECAUSE THEY LOVE TO PLAY FOR YOU.

Everyone have a great day! Thank you so much for your support.

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  street team? by Tom / Monday January 19, 2004 / 11:54 AM
  I'm actually working on getting a street team started as we speak... anyone interested, email me. by Rick / Monday January 19, 2004 / 1:56 PM
  street team by Kristen / Sunday January 25, 2004 / 4:05 PM
  street by danny / Sunday January 25, 2004 / 12:50 PM
madison soon? by joe / Wednesday November 19, 2003 / 10:43 PM
Hey are u guys ever going to play in madison again..And if not anywhere around that area, any time soon?
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  We can't guarantee that we'll be back in Madison, but we're working on more shows and may be booking in the New Haven area. We'll let you know. Thanks!! by Rick / Thursday November 20, 2003 / 4:15 PM
Merchandise by Revelaria / Wednesday October 8, 2003 / 11:25 AM
OK, so we want to know what kind of new merchandise people would like to see from us. Give us your best shot, and after we get a good list, we'll be setting up a poll to see what our new merch will be...
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  tee-shirts by Lori / Thursday December 4, 2003 / 9:38 PM
  merch by fatty / Saturday November 1, 2003 / 3:30 PM
Webster tonight by Tom / Wednesday September 24, 2003 / 1:25 PM
Revelaria ROCKS the webster tonight... Red Headed Slizuts baby!!!!
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  Das Right! Slizuts in da house. Bar will be rockin' tonight... by Rick / Wednesday September 24, 2003 / 2:23 PM
I remember you by Kat / Tuesday September 16, 2003 / 1:37 AM
yes, as you can see from the subject matter, I am eagerly awaiting the skid row show. but not to see them mind's been ages since I've seen revelaria rawk out. *lucky me to run into rick and josh at the brown derby....woohoo, drinking rules.* I still have the old school stickers from you guys on my mirror. and I want the new album. and the red-headed sluts *yummy shots, with yummy band, I mean excellent band.* :) Ok I'm done babbling. See you guys soon!

"what's with today, today?"

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  Lucas by Doc / Tuesday September 16, 2003 / 10:51 AM
  :) by kat / Tuesday September 16, 2003 / 3:33 PM
  Slater by Doc / Wednesday September 17, 2003 / 1:52 PM
  rory by Kat / Saturday September 20, 2003 / 12:33 PM
PARTY ON 8/18 by Lori / Wednesday August 20, 2003 / 9:24 PM
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  Thanks!! by Rick / Monday September 8, 2003 / 12:14 PM
Sorry for the outage... by Rick / Monday August 18, 2003 / 1:48 AM
Hey Guys,

Sorry the site was unavailable for so long - it looks as if things are back to normal. Hopefully they stay that way.


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new web site! by guildsinger / Thursday August 14, 2003 / 3:54 AM
Hi guys! The new web site looks GREAT!

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YO by Carson / Tuesday August 12, 2003 / 12:26 PM
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New Forum by Rick / Tuesday August 12, 2003 / 11:59 AM
Well, this is our new forum to discuss all things music... or all things in general, I guess. I might still be working out some bugs, so if this thing does anything strange, please send me an email to let me know.

Remember next week, Thursday August 14, Webster Underground with Silvertide. <a href="">Email us</a> for tickets!

-- Rick
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