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Thursday November 6, 2003

Revelaria - Past2Years - Review
by Chris McConnell

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I've grown to be a HUGE fan of these guys. I really got into them after I met one of their guitarists a couple years ago. Established in 1997, Revelaria's conquered Connecticut's music scene. They've gained national recognition, although they remain nestled mostly in CT and RI. And there has been evidence of minimal but important international popularity. It seems like just yesterday, they were merely a band wanting to be heard. Now, with all eyes focused on them, everyone's anticipating their next move. What do you do when you've accomplished everything possible in the independent music scene? Well, it's just a matter of time before somebody snatches them up and throws them in the spotlight. Opening for quite a few major acts doesn't hurt either. Revelaria has opened for King's X, Vince Neill of Motley Crue fame, Skid Row, and most recently, Jet, the newest artist to join Elektra Records, among others.

As you listen to Revelaria's music from old to new tracks, you can clearly hear their progression from Strum Pop to Rock. With the new strength in their sound, they are definitely set to take on the mainstream music world as we know it. I suggest picking up their new album, Past2Years. Just the track 'Get Up' makes you want to listen over and over. For more on Revelaria, go to
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