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The New London Day
Thursday April 5, 2001

Revelaria celebrates new CD with a party in New London
by Rick Koster

Montville's smoothly energized modern rock band Revelaria will perform Friday at New London's El 'n' Gee Club in celebration of the release of "Music Never Dies," an EP that introduces new vocalist Josh Pomerenke. The four song disc is a prelude to a full length album the band hopes to release later this year.

With guitar lines spun like cotton candy and Pomerenke's strongly earnest melodies, "Music Never Dies" will impress fans of the Vertical Horizon/Gin Blossoms school and irritate beyond description the nail-your-ballcap-on-backwards contigency we associate with Korn.

Frankly, both genres are among the easiest to be bad at, and Revelaria's strum pop is far better than the supposed cream of the form - suckos like Matchbox 20.

Unfortunately, that means nothing in the music business.

Still, the hooks on "Music Never Dies" are strong enough to reel in the largest of industry mossbunkers, so who knows?

Doors open at 8 p.m., and the first 100 folks will get a free copy of the CD. Also on the bill are Grey Cell Green and Bi Janus. The El 'n Gee Club is located at 86 Golden Street. Call 437-3800 for information.
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