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Stage Newspaper
Wednesday August 1, 2001

Revelaria - Music Never Dies E.P. - Review
by Tom Nanos

Harmonies that work, nice blending of acoustic & electric guitars, strong vocals and solid bass & drum work pretty much sum up "Music Never Dies", an EP from the band Revelaria introducing new material, as well as new lead singer Josh Pomerenke.

I'd call all four songs on the EP highlights, as they show the range of playing and song-writing ability the Montville 4 piece band has. But of course, everyone has favorites, and mine would be the first track, "Typical Work Week". An upbeat, fun song about looking forward to the weekend. Ahhh, don't we all do that to an extent? Get a copy of the EP at their next show. According to the website they give them away for free at shows!

You can catch Revelaria at The Stage Newspaper's "Stage Night" at the El 'N' Gee Club in New London on Friday, August 24th. See for show and ticket purchase details.
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