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Frequently Asked Questions
Revelaria is:

Josh Pomerenke: Lead Vocals (2000-)
Rick Chapman: Bass and Guitars (1997-)
DJ "Doc" Gibson: Drums (1997-2004)
Matt Pomerenke: Guitars (1997-)
Chris Boss: Guitars (2000-)

Paul Jones: Lead Vocals (1997-2000)
Josh "Darkness" Patterson: Drums (2004)
Gary Middleton: Drums (2006-2007)

Q. How do you pronounce "Revelaria"?
A. Our name is pronounced "Revel-R-ia", not "Revel-air-ia".
Q. What does "Revelaria" mean?
A. "Revelaria" is a coupling of the words "Revel", to celebrate, and "Aria", music and represents our attitude towards playing original rock music.
Q. How many songs are in Revelaria's repertoire?
A. While we have written over 60 original songs over our 6 year presence, we currently have over two hours of polished original music.
Q. Does Revelaria play cover songs?
A. We can and do play a few covers, but we prefer to play original music, as writing new material is a better use of our rehearsal time than learning cover songs.
Q. Is Revelaria available to play private shows and parties?
A. Yes, please email us or call our management for more details.
Q. Does Revelaria own their own PA and equipment for private shows?
A. Yes, we own a PA adequate for small auditoriums and halls. For larger venues, rental of a PA may be included in our (very reasonable) charge to play.
Q. Where can I get Revelaria's new CD "Past2Years"?
A. You can purchase Past2Years at any of our shows, directly from our online store, or from our page at
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